Depends On Whose OX Is Being Gored…

Socialism Versus The Family
September 16, 2016

The United States Constitution has made America the greatest Nation on Earth. We celebrate its historical significance and its efficacy this week. I hope we will be reminded of its vitality and strength to preserve a Nation of free people. It is however, under constant attack.

The irrefutable truth of the Constitution should not be subject to the whims of the politically powerful. In truth, these laws are for the immutable benefit of every American. Those who set out to change them actually “cut off their nose to spite their face”. The interpretation of our constitution should not “depend on whose ox is being gored”. In other words, a given event or controversy should not be interpreted differently depending on whose self interest is involved.

The First Amendment freedom of religion, speech and association is personal but its ultimate and overarching effect is the common good. The LGBTQ agenda to strip me of my first amendment right to exercise my faith amounts to double speak. Their rights to openly espouse views that are contrary to hundreds of years of Judeo-Christian ideology and theology would not be possible without a strict interpretation of our Constitution. The First Amendment allows legal expression, even if it is abhorrent to millions of people. Refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or stand for the National Anthem or even the right to spit on, stomp, or even burn the flag, are protected conduct that flows from the first amendment of our Constitution – just like refusing to host a same-sex wedding.

The Constitution is the only thing that stands between free people and slavery; democracy and dictatorship; or capitalism and socialism. We cannot long survive if we ignore it, disrespect it, reject it or allow it to be subsumed by any other ideology like communism or any other theology like Islam or atheism.

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