Sticks and Stones…

July 5, 2016
Come and Take It
July 19, 2016

It has been an interesting week since I made a public declaration that I would not allow same-sex marriage at my home that I had made into a wedding venue. After a front page newspaper article and a TV news story I know lots of folks want me to know how they feel. I am gratified that at least 95% of the responses have been positive. The other 5% have relied upon their first amendment rights to bash me for exercising mine. I did not know there were so many adjectives to describe someone you disagree with – now I do. Words can hurt even though I have had to repeat to myself over and over what my mother always taught me, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. One person said I would die shortly, another said I would be divorced in two years and another said I was going to hell. The one that hurt me the most was the person that called me an “old Geezer”. I am not sure whether I am offended the most by being called “old” or being called a “Geezer”. Anyway, I will try to wear it as a badge of honor.

Thousands of you have let me know that you appreciate my stand for biblical principles and for the United States Constitution and particularly the First Amendment right to freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. This is not about race, creed, color or gender. It is simply about defending traditional marriage. A family that is ordained to go forth and multiply according to the Book of Genesis can only be a man and a woman. Religious liberty gives us the right and the duty to preserve, protect and defend the Laws of God, our Creator. We must not be ashamed of the message of the Kingdom of God.

When the Christian community stands up and stands together the forces of hell cannot defeat what God has joined together.


  1. Francisco Monroy says:

    Amen Brother Bob! I am always amazed that those that cry for tolerance are not tolerent at all. Find a different venue and move on!

  2. Edwin "Bubba" Covington says:

    You are an exemplary representative of the Kingdom of God Bob and I honor and respect your right which also is identical to my belief of God’s Idea of marriage. Standing firm.

  3. Amen and amen! Love that badge of honor! 😊